Tuesday, June 21, 2005

introduction: construction

i'm working construction for the summer. that's right -- construction + tucson + summer = hot, money, dudes, early mornings, etc. but actually, i don't think i'll be picking up a single hammer, drill, or even hard hat these three months. i spend most of my days actually shivering, because i am a receptionist in a construction company's office, where, to guard ourselves from the 100+ degree heat outside, we get our money's worth on energy bills and turn the air down to ~70 degrees, sometimes lower. but it is money, and there are some dudes (as may or may not be mentioned in later posts), and i do have to leave my house not long after 7am.

and i have a lot less to do than those folks sweating it in the heat, remodeling outdated buildings, widening roads, clearing the way for new developments, building churches and schools, even contributing to some regentrification of our own little tucson, arizona.

if you know anything about our little tucson, arizona, you would know that construction companies of any kind are generally pretty darn busy around here. basically, our whole city is under construction -- because it really isn't that little, and its getting bigger all the time:

in 1950, the population was 141,216. from 1990 to 2000, the population of greater tucson grew from 666,880 to 843,746. that's almost a 20% growth rate in the last 50 years. i think. if i did my math right. and it is most definitely still growing.

so, as you might imagine, the company i'm working for has helped with a lot of that growth. but its one of those complex things -- its not like my company built a bunch of houses and then put people in them. the people just come, and then you have to do something about it. anyway, my company doesn't really build houses. they build schools, health centers, banks, office buildings, community centers, stores, etc.

[i guess what really bothers me about construction in tucson is the brand new subdivisions with cheap construction, etc. i heard a story yesterday about how crazy it is to be a home inspector in las vegas -- they have to inspect around 40 (maybe more?) new homes each day. in las vegas, new homes are usually built within 45 days. 45 days and you've got a house!! i'm sure in tucson, there are some neighborhoods that are pretty similar.]

well, i love tucson, and one thing i really like about this company is that i think most everyone here loves tucson, too. they use local businesses for a whole lot of stuff, and they have relationships with them, too. working here has most certainly made me realize just how big a business construction contracting and subcontracting is in this little town.

Friday, June 17, 2005


well, here it is -- a brand new blog. to be honest, i thought i had already started a blog on blogger.com, but i couldn't find it anywhere, so either someone stole my identity (i'm sure they're having fun with that) or my memory just ain't what it used to be. since my memory has never really been that great, i suppose i just never actually did what you gotta do to get a blog on here.

i was told of a "blog craze" that happened a few nights ago in an uptown apartment (this and that were generated from said craze), and decided that, since i have some extra time on my hands, i would have a little craze of my own.

i named my blog "if my life were a book" because i think that should allow for some extra creativity on my part. because even non-fiction is an art form; you choose what you want to say and how you want to say it in a way that would be most beautiful or communicative in your own particular way. and i want to inform you right now that i do intend on tiptoeing into the realm of fiction, even when writing about the real events of my life, because things are just more interesting when have the extra freedom to imagine.

my url is kellyobean.blogspot.com because i have a dream to open a coffee shop one day, and the working name at this point is "kelly o'bean's coffee shop". i have to say i like it quite a bit, so there it is, in print for the first time.

i guess that's the end of my preface. i hope you and i both enjoy this experience. i'm assuming from the start that i will probably enjoy it more than you, though if you don't enjoy it, i might not enjoy it much either. so, enjoy, won't you?